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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 26, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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divers troll the waters north of evanston looking for a northwestern student who disappeared 4 days ago. good afternoon. i'm robert jordan in for steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. wgn's tonya francisco is live in north suburban wilmette with more on our top story: university officials said that this is the strongest we get in the search. they stopped short
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of saying they believe he might be. ... there was a ping from his cellular phone near this u.s. coast guard station 2 mi. north of his dormitory room and located near the party he was seen leaving saturday morning ... the search began last night it was called off when darkness fell and resume it this morning >>several fire departments have divers in this water using sonar to search for this student ... this search is underway in the
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water and in the surrounding area ... parents and relatives of the missing in man arrived from new york yesterday to assist in the search he was a straight a premedical student and took last semester off because he was diagnosed with diabetes he was excited to be back resuming his studies ... he needed daily medication and his relatives grew concerned after he went missing ... university officials say that they do not suspect foul play ... anyone having information about this disappearance please call the northwestern university police force a victory in court today for
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attorneys representing former lawmaker derrick smith.. who was expelled from the illinois house after he was indicted on a bribery charge. wgn's julian crews is live at dirksen federal building with the story. julian? but his attorney scored a tactical victory in federal court today prosecutors will be forced to reveal information sooner than they planned about the government's most important witness. >>information on his background information about his arrest and about the fact that he served or was convicted ... there's lots of information that goes to the heart of this case that the government has been unwilling to turn over >>the attorney said there's trouble with the government's star witness convicted many times of crimes prosecutors
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aren't talking as is the custom. former state representative derrick smith was not in court yesterday his lawyers attacked the credibility of the government's confidential informant an individual who said recorded conversations with smith show he took a $7,000 bribe ... there was an ethics investigation and derrick smith is trying to win back his house seat ... many democrats have coalesced around an alternate it remains to be seen whether and how he will have enough votes to defeat derrick smith
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chicago alderman sandi jackson stood up reporters outside one of her fundraisers. the 7th ward alderman celebrated her birthday yesterday with a fundraiser in hyde park. jackson didn't want to talk to reporters when she arrived. she did tell them she'd be right back ... but she never came out. jackson then told her guests the "jackals" were outside referring to the media. she also told them that her husband, congressman jesse jackson junior, is home and feeling better. the congressman is on a leave of absence as he gets treated for bipolar disorder. drew peterson's leed attorney is asking a will county judge to postpone peterson's sentencing ... because of defense team in- fighting. the former bolingbrook police sergeant was convicted earlier this month of killing his third wife, kathleen savio., he's scheduled to be sentenced in november and faces up to 60 years in prison. attorney joel brodsky says arguments with other defense lawyers have prevented him from finishing a motion for a re- trial. he wants the judge to push back sentencing to december or january. chicago teachers vote on their
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new contract on tuesday-- and when it's ratified, it will put an end to some legal battles. in the contract, both the teachers union and the school board agree to drop lawsuits regarding layoffs and pay raises. yesterday, the cps board held its first meeting since the contract agreement. a teachers union official urged the board to release its reported plans to close dozens of under-enrolled and low performing schools. the board says while there is a need to reduce student capacity in the system, there is no list of schools targetted for closing. another school district in the chicago area may be faced with a teacher strike. teachers in evergreen park school distict 124 voted to reject what the school board said was its final offer. the teachers union says the school board now wants to link teacher bonuses to student test scores, even though that wasn't discussed before. negotiations continue later today. the teachers union has a strike date set for next tuesday. taxes and fees may be going up in cook county. board president tony preckwinkle is considering a combination of targeted tax and fee hikes ..... along with cost cutting measures. it's all part of the effort to plug a projected 115 million- dollar budget hole. preckwinkle is still pushing
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ahead with plans to eliminate the last quarter of the one percent sales tax hike enacted under her predecessor todd stroger. she also says a property taxe hike is off the table. county budget director andrea gibson says the county's financial picture is better than predcited .... due in part to the expected benefits of president obama's national health care plan. actor and comedian bill murray tried to steal the show... literally... at the ryder cup celebrity golf outing. the tournament begins on friday. yesterday, fans watched golf legends and celebrities play a golf scramble. stars included bill murray, justin timberlake, swimmer michael phelps and former bull scottie pippen. murray had some fun... trying to walk away the the ryder cup trophy tucked into his sweater.later... he and singer justin timberlake got a little carried away. coming up next: iran's president mahmoud
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ahmadinejad addresses the u.n. general assembly claiming he's committed to peace, but accuses other world powers of double standards. also ahead, campaigning heats up-- the presidential candidates head to the swing state of ohio today. and, the music community mourns legendary crooner andy williams. noú]@?@ó@,ç?ú@ó@46ú?ñstú] ç@xúópç0ó
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a 2005 graduate of north chicago high school died saturday while serving in afghanistan. navy petter officer dion roberts was a member of a special operations team and died during a training exercise. roberts enlisted in the navy during he senior year after participating in the junior rotc. yesterday, the high school's flag flew at half-staff and held a moment of silence in his honor. no word on the exact cause of death yet. two nato coalition members were killed in a deadly attack in afghanistan. it happened earlier today in the logar province, in the eastern part of the country. a french news agency reports nato troops were defusing a bomb on the side of the road, when a suicide bomber detonated himself near them. the convoy then came under fire from militants. nato has not identified which country the slain troops are from. so far this year 285 nato service members have been killed in afghanistan. officials from state-run television in syria say one of their journalists was killed and another wounded during an attack by rebel forces today.
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"the syrian free army" attacked the building in damascus... which housed the office of the joint chiefs of staff. no military injuries were reported. in new york yesterday... the u- n security council drafted a resolution calling for syrian president bashar al-assad to step down. the resolution stops short of supporting military intervention or economic sanctions. iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, addressed the u.n general assembly this morning... but the u.s. delegation boycotted the speech. ahmadinejad called for the u.n. to be restructured... he blamed many of the world's problems on centers of power that have, quote "entrusted themselves to the devil." the u.s. delegation says ahmadinejad uses his address to
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the u.n. not to address legitimate aspirations of the iranian people... but to spout paranoid theories. former president bill clinton spoke out about iran and its president in an interview with cnn's piers morgan. set up to avoid arms races in the middle east and nuclear proliferation we want you to trust us ... on the issue of iran's nuclear ambitions, clinton says he does not trust ahmadinejad. president obama left this morning for ohio.. where he has two campaign appearances before college audiences today. he's scheduled to speak at this hour at bowling green state university.. and later this afternoon at kent state
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university. obama leads his republican opponent, mitt romney, in several recent polls in ohio. but a washington post poll shows ohio voters trust romney more than the president to do a better job of handling the budget deficit. and mitt romney is telling ohio voters he feels their pain, and and he knows how to fix it. in a high school gym outside columbus this morning.. golf legend jack nicklaus introduced romney by saying the two men share family values. romney told the crowd of two thousand people, they can trust him to know his strengths.. righting the economy as well as tackling the national debt. romney is scheduled to take part in a manufacturing roundtable in bedford heights, ohio this hour. he'll attend a rally later this afternoon in toledo. sad news today for a generation who grew up listening to crooner andy williams. williams died at his home in branson missouri. he had bladder cancer. with 17 gold and three platinum
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records, andy williams was among the most popular singers of his time. his variety show was a tv favorite from 1962-1971 in the 70's and 80's he hosted his annual christmas tv specials... he also hosted numerous award shows. just ahead: just ahead of the holiday shopping season, kohls is announcing new stores and more jobs. samsung electronics announces sale expections of the new "galaxy note 2"... how it might compare to apple's new iphone 5. and later in lunchbreak: a decadent swedish dish -- halibut with mushrooms, bacon and swedish pickles.
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how well it worked. and i'd definitely use it again. put bayer advanced aspirin to the test for yourself at we are live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: coles is in a hiring mode the retailer is open 12 new stores there will be 1500 more open jobs to fill around 10 states around the country these are smaller stores that are equipped with wi-fi connections ... united states airlines collected more than $1.7 billion in baggage fees this year ...
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delta connect id the most ...collected the most ... sales of the new samsung galaxy to notebook is getting off to a stronger start than its predecessor in spite of the apple i phone 5 release success ... it goes on sale today and south korea expected to be on sale in the united states by mid november 170 million americans plan to celebrate halloween this year ... this is up from last year in the average person may spend nearly $80 on holiday accessories and candy including pet customs
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coming out next the building of a new west side grocery store is halted after groups of people allegedly threatened a construction worker and live music this midday from " my jerusalem " there onstage tonight at " township " in chicago
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buying this juicer online was unbelievable. [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal isn't such a good deal. but bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty. the clean picker upper. the construction of a new grocery store on the west side is at a standstill. an attorney for the store says work crews were threatened as part of a shakedown. wgn's nancy loo is live on the
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west side with more on the story. behind this fence work is at a standstill on the new peats fresh market here at the intersection of madison and western. their accusations of shakedowns and threats vandalism and theft the standoff has everyone involved losing out. >>the fencing is down in the site looks nothing close to a grocery store at this point nothing is getting done construction crews recently halted work because of community protests the residents have been swarming the site demanding jobs >>why can't we be part of building in our community and also have a job at the store >>there have been no threats but a lawyer for the market says otherwise construction was stopped because of safety concerns >>there's been vandalism of the
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equipment, vandalism of construction fences and there has been vandalism and a display of a firearm there has been verbal threats ... threats to shut down the site every day ... the local alderman has been working to iron out community concerns he notes that three of the four contractors on the project are minority-owned but there's a limited number of construction jobs available >>when you have a big employment number in a few hundred jobs and thousands of people that could conceivably qualify they are going to fight for that one available job construction is set to resume in a few days with police and increase security ...
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>>the situation is frustrating for residents who say that the resident area is a known food desert ... >>this is just a necessary i do not understand their purpose of interfering with this project in the first place it's just stupid >>it's unfortunate that on have jobs and we don't have a grocery store so who is winning hear anybody? >>there is confidence the project can move forwards and when the stars finished there will be nearly 200 permanent new jobs available in this area a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against megabus following last months crash. the family of adii avhad made the filing yesterday. avhad was killed when the double-decker bus slammed into a concrete pillar near litchfield
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on august second. her parents were also on that bus, they were visiting from india. her mother was among the 33 people injured. no word on what damages the family is seeking. several other lawsuits have been filed in that crash. the chicago police department is offering a $6,000 reward for information following a break- in at a south side stable. dozens of horses were released from their mounted unit stables between september 16th and 17th. the intruder sprayed one of the horses in the eyes with a fire extinguisher... and used the same extinguisher to hit another horse in the leg and flank. the reward has been contributed by the police chaplain's ministry and the chicago police memorial foundation. the property of dixon's former comptroller fetched nearly 5- million dollars during a two-day auction. rita crundwell is under indictment for embezzling more than 50 million dollars to support a lavish lifestyle which included a nationally renowned horse breeding operation. one prized stallion went for three-quarters of a million dollars. crundwell has pleaded not guilty
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to federal charges and also faces state charges. a 12year old boy went to a carrie underwood concert with one thing in mind... he was looking for his first kiss. this happened at a concert in los angeles over the weekend. chase kurnick got underwood's attention by holding up a sign that said "carrie, be my first kiss." underwood did warn chase that her husband was in the stadium and may be looking for him later. chase told cnn... "she wears cherry lip balm."
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still to come this midday .... jim ramsey has your full forecast
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a couple of tornadoes touched down last night in the saint louis area.. both accompanied by golf ball sized hail. two semis were blown over on interstate-64 in okawville illinois.. and two people were taken to a hospital in washington county. the okawville police chief says there was a lot of tree damage.. also damage to a farm in the area.. but most of the town was spared. their reports from that storm
12:32 pm
indicated hailstones the size of a tennis ball ... the outlook for a severe weather is from maryland to into eastern kentucky nothing for the chicago area but there are some downstate storms getting reported ... rain and thunderstorms have been occurring ... let's take a look at the time lapse picture of this beautiful morning ... we had some clouds to begin the day this morning emanating from a area outside of chicago with a front passing through the region ... it's mild than 67 degrees air temperatures won't change much today ... the lake water breeze might have a cooling effect ... ... the trouble will be heading east
12:33 pm
today ... there is plenty of cooler air awaiting there's a big change in the jet stream ... look at the numbers across the area it's reasonably comfortable ... we're already into the low 70's not much change as expected in those numbers today ... a little search will command ... next week we will get into a warm-up ... we will be watching that closely ... wind speeds are 5-15 mi. per hour i had a call yesterday about relative humidity its 52%
12:34 pm
that will change with the temperatures ... we are taking a close-up look at these storms getting generated you can see central illinois has some activity ... farther to the west more big storms pushing through the southern plains states on the way to missouri and the cubs game had some trouble in denver ... it's still raining in the central rockies and some of its turnover to snow and the higher elevations of the rocky mountains expect the cloudiness this afternoon will drift down state ... freemason sunbreaks here in chicago. up in the pacific northwest wildfires create problems with
12:35 pm
air quality there's an alert in effect for a big chunk of washington state ... what was category three miriam in the pacific has been downgraded to a tropical storm ... here in chicago we're looking at sunshine this afternoon to the northern suburbs ... high temperatures in the upper 60s lake wind at 7 mi. per hour plenty of clear skies tonight low temperatures by morning will be 43 degrees in the suburbs 50 in the city ... tomorrow cool their 63-67 degree high temperatures in the metropolitan area ... we have comfortable
12:36 pm
temperatures between 68 and 73 degrees no rain is expected over the next seven days ... time now for today's trivia question: on this day in 1969, the beatles a. let it be b. abbey road c. the white album the answer is ahead in this hour of the wgn midday news.
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time for sports: there's word of a possible breakthrough in negotiations between the nfl and its locked- out referees. epsn is reporting that a meeting between the two sides ended at 2:00 a.m., with enough progress that officials could be returning in time to work this week's game. the nfl is standing by monday night's controversial call... saying seahawks' wide receiver golden tate's game-winning touchdown should not have been overturned... but he should have been called for offensive pass interference, which would have ended the game. the packers cannot appeal the loss. after nearly six months of baseball, the white sox' post season hopes come down to the final eight games. the sox hosted the indians yesterday. cleveland loaded the bases in the fourth, when gordon beckham misplayed a double-play ball and a run scored. the sox came back with back-to- back homers, and in the ninth paul konerko's 25th home run made it 4-3.
12:40 pm
but with two on, and two outs, beckham hit into a force out at second to end the game. sox lost, while the tigers beat the royals, so they're now tied atop the division. the cubs visited a rain- soaked colorado last night. kansas city wins or we get tied ... that's all you can do ... in the first... cubs' rookie dave sappelt led off with his first career home run... they scored three in the inning. the lead was down to one in the fourth with two outs when josh rutledge doubled in two runs for colorado. the game was called in the seventh due to rain, so the cubs lost 10-5 it's their 95th loss with just
12:41 pm
eight games left. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. good afternoon. here are the winning picked three numbers 3 numbers: 8 3 4
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power ball jackpot is now $200 million here are the winning pick four numbers ... 8 4 4 4
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in medical watch.. a salmonella outbreak first traced to peanut butter sold at trader joe's has expanded to include more products sold in other stores. the company that makes trader joe's creamy salted valencia peanut butter.. new mexico-based "sunland".. has now recalled all of its peanut butter and almond butter products made from may 1st to september 24th. in addition to trader joe's.. the recalled products were sold at target and other stores in illinois and 17 other states where salmonella illnesses have been reported. the outbreak has sickend 29 people so far. the chicago department of public health is urging everyone to get vaccinated
12:46 pm
against influenza.. and you can do it for free. in medical watch.. a salmonella outbreak first traced to peanut butter sold at trader joe's has expanded to include more products sold in other stores. the company that makes trader joe's creamy salted valencia peanut butter.. new mexico-based "sunland".. has now recalled all of its peanut butter and almond butter products made from may [
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in today's lunchbreak.... halibut with wild mushrooms and bacon. chef hakan thornstrom has been considered a leader in the renaissance of swedish cuisine ever since he opened his michelin-starred restaurant thornstrom kok in gothenburg, sweden. thanks for being here. >>it is my pleasure ... this has been really invented with special swedish ingredients ...
12:50 pm
this is cooked in duck fat for a few minutes i precooked to pieces of this fish ... this was cut into smaller portions and you leave this in the duck fat for about five minutes and add to this belief, thyme garlic and a bay leaf ... and oil ... we will on the side fry some bacon with those wild mushrooms
12:51 pm
... be sure to drain the halibut ... this process of cooking insurers munsterensures the moisture... ceiling in the natural juices from the halibut unfortunately you don't get these aromas on television ...
12:52 pm
we arrange the fish with the mushrooms and bacon and service with swedish pickles this has also been served with the traditional swedish vinegar which is very strong ... not supposed to drink this but it's wonderful with the food and here i also add some swedish and chevyanchovy... it's quite good we use this to flavor the dish instead of lots of spices ... the oil from the anchouy is
12:53 pm
really enough top provide the rich added flavor... and what do you have here? >>these are small cubes of jellied deaill.... we use a lot
12:54 pm
of dill in traditional swedish cooking. this is the main course from a big gala dinner i will be running here in chicago it will be a five course swedish tenor ... dinner.... hakan thornstrom, thanks so much for joining us. for a recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to: i was teaching a martial arts class and having a heart attack. my brother doesn't look like a heart attack patient. i'm on a bayer aspirin
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regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm a fighter and now i don't have that fear.
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: on this day in 1969, the beatles released which album? a. let it be b. abbey road c. the white album the answer: b. abbey road. "the white album" was released in 1968, and "let it be" was released in 1970".
12:57 pm
we have some cloudy skies across the area there is a frontal boundary south of chicago generating thunderstorms as the cool air meets the warmer air ... expect to see some sunbreaks for about one hour this afternoon if you live in the southern suburbs ... the computer model is showing us ... a big improvement in the weather expect a frontal student system to move on ... many days ahead of seasonal and pleasant autumn chicago weather.
12:58 pm
countersigning we have very little winded to speak of its a good weekend to be outdoors thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00. we leave you with more music now from "my jerusalem"... they're on stage tonight at 9:00 at "township" on north california. they're new album is out october 9th.
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